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The Best Thing About A Leaf Pile?


taylorfallOwners – Syndi & Brad Johnson
Photographer & Grammy – Sheila

DAD! Where did you go?

Shelby waits patiently for his human to return.


Awe Julia, you keep her company!

Glasses? What Glasses?

It’s always funny when Bentley makes a spectacle of himself.


I just couldn’t resist, Kristen!

I don’t see it.

Kelly, why are you posting a photo of a stuffed bear on Sheltie Nation?

Oh wait, now I see Heidi.

Sheltie photobomb

LOL, Kathy!

Oh Hello!

Coincidence that Annie Laurie is in that exact spot at the exact time?

I think not.


They are shameless aren’t they, Chris? ;)