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Sheltie Trifecta!

Billy (left) Michigan Sheltie Rescue Alumni, Laddie (top) and
Chance (right) s Precious Secret Sheltie Rescue Alumni.
TheboysHugs to you Gloria for adopting!


Maybe someday I’ll forgive you.

Bandit is on his way home from the groomers.
He looks great Janet, but the look is priceless! :)Love the ghost bandanna too!

3 Musketeers..hogging the couch

Mikko, Honey and Bleu say:  “No room for you, sorry!”3 musketeersGot another couch Pat & Lisa?!

Pink is NOT my color!

Minnie definitely did not wish for this for her birthday.LOL Linda!

Take time to smell the flowers

Daphne checks out her mom’s first flowers of the year.

Daphne3These smell funny!Thanks to Gia & Dan