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A whole lotta Sheltie rescue love!

WI Sheltie Rescue invites all the Adopters and Adoptees back for a reunion every year in the county park in Chilton, WI.   That is over 130 Shelties returning with their owners!  There is a huge picnic lunch followed by fund raiser events:  rummage sale, silent auction, sale of t-shirts, sweat shirts, dog beds made by Lisa Martin, founder of the rescue.

Hugs to each & every one of you for adopting!  :0))

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: One always leads to another!

We adopted a cute little Sheltie from a VA rescue named Bentley.  He seemed a bit lonely so we got him a little sister we named Zoey.  Here they are lounging on their dog bed chewing their Bully sticks.  The two are inseparable!

Go for 3 Susan! :))

Sapped Shelties

Indy and Bacca had a rough day playing in the above normal heat!  They just collapsed “mid-wrestle”!

Heat can make you do silly things Barb! :)

Sheltie Nation family reunion!

Because of Sheltie Nation, Baron and Emmie came together as Aunt and Nephew.  Awhile back, Emmie and her sister Callie were the pic of the day on SN…  Conversations then began, the realization came to light that Baron & Emmie are related.  A pupper friendship was born as well as a human friendship.  We all finally got together to meet in person .  Such a treasure!

Left to right… Rookie, Baron, Emmie & Callie
:)) Terri!

Lazy Days of Summer

Nattie is a lucky girl Alysa!