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Shoe pillow pout!

David went to put his shoes on and found Bacca laying on them like this, as if he’d pushed them into place to support his heavy head!

Maybe it is Bacca’s secret plan to keep him home Barb!

I’m so glad you’re back!

I had been out of town for about four days.  When I got home, I snuck a picture of Killian sleeping on top of my shoes.  Think he is trying to tell me to stay put for a while?!?

You are so right Andrea, they are just tooooo sweet!

Bi-black camouflage

Reggie thinks he is hiding?  ;)
ShoesWhat a little puff ball, Donna!

If the shoes fit…

What a look from Sam!

Thanks to Mary & Dave!


Sheltie Shoe Guardian…

Brody says:  “But honest, I wasn’t chewing them…I was herding them into a pile!”BrodyThanks to Cindy!