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Their smiles says it all!

Lindsay absolutely adores Simon!


I think the feeling is mutual, Holly!

Well Isn’t This Romantic?

Simon and Felix are best buds.  Just don’t tell the other Shelties.

Everyone always seems to get along at Holly’s house.  What IS her secret? ;)

What’s Cookin?

Loyal patrons of the Sheltie Diner await to be served today’s Blue (Merle) Plate Special!

Ellie, Jake, Jenny, Sister, Simon, Abby, Duncan & Little Miss!
Love it Tracey! :)

Sunny Summer Sheltie Smiles!

Say that five times fast!

Left to right: Jenny, Ellie, Jake & Simon.  Abby is in front.

Congrats on adding Simon to the family Holly!  :))

Kitty therapy

BuddiesThis is Sadie one of the “timid” shelties rescued from Buxton Puppy Mill…

Sadie came in from a walk and noticed her cat friend Simon was laying on her blanket…and before taking off her leash she jumped up next to him to take a nap. Later she let him lick her ears… what’s next a massage??

Hooray for Sadie and Simon… they’re best buddies!

Put him on the payroll Marsha!  :)