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Butterfly Kisses!

Skylar is a 13 1/2 year old Color-headed White Sheltie.  She participates in a Pet Therapy program, and SPEAK, (special pups enhancing the ability of kids).  Elementary children that are afraid to read out loud, read books to Skylar. She has her CGC and a CD title. A beautiful little Sheltie and the love of my life!

(This photo was taken at the Canton Garden Center, Canton Ohio.)

While visiting Beech Creek Botanical Gardens in Alliance Ohio, Skylar and I visited the Butterfly house.  I was fortunate to capture this rare photo of a Monarch butterfly that landed on her nose!

Thank You for sharing these lovely photos, Diane!

I love my present!

Skylar is having fun with one of his new toys for his second birthday.
Lucky boy he is Bob!

Sheltie “Frizzy” Forgiveness

Well wonders never cease…a Sheltie smiling just after a bath.
Skylark says: “It’s ok mum, I still luv you.”
SkylarkSoaked Sheltie thanks to Laurel S.