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Definition of ‘Sleepy Head’

Gus dreams…boxes of cookies, squeaky toys, squirrels…field of dreams.


Looks like a sleep Sunday too, Brittani!

The Unconscious Adventures

 What do you think Makayla & Prince are dreaming about?

Soon they will be is bright-eyed, bushy tailed and ready to GO, Eric!

Silver Lining? No Worries!

Jake’s breeder was trying to find him a forever home, and I had worried that he might be missing his kennel life.

LOL, seems he adjusted just fine, Deborah!  :))

So You Wish You Were This Binky?

Little Rhys, we want to snuggle with you!

Soooo cute, Cheryl!

Objects in mirror are CUTER than they appear

Shadow says: “I hiked and hiked and hiked in Crested Butte, Colorado.  So many smells to smell!
By the time I got to the car I couldn’t keep my eyes open!”

So, so cute, Lum!