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Total Loss of Tongue Control

It’s escaping again! Quick, somebody catch it before it gets away!
sleepypppffftttIndigo is so sweet, Helen & Kunal!

The Sleepy Conga Line

Max & Mr. Chan are also experts at synchronized sleepy smiles. :)
Awe, Rich! ;)

Smooshed Face Sleeper

No drooling, Mally!


:0)  Denise

Now That You’re Up, We Will Nap.

Sparky and Skipper take time out on Saturday morning after waking the family with three rounds of wrestling on the bed.

sparkskipSo not fair, Steve!

That’s No Couch Cushion!

Poor Robbie. It looks like he only gets 15 hours of sleep every day.

Shetland Sheepdog sleeping on couch

:) John