Susan’s photo reminds me of one of my favorite posts on Sheltie Nation, the “Wait, thats MY ball” post.  What’s even weirder is we have a sable & a tri-color in the same positions.Lindy_snickers_sharingLindy & Snickers are playing very well together…but why, oh why do dogs (& kids) always want the same toy?

OK folks, new Sheltie Nation rule (as proclaimed by Trevor & Toby):
Any Sheltie that is subject to the indignity, jokes & chuckles of a Santa hat this holiday season, must be given at least one extra cookie for each “offense”
…two cookies if you preserve it forever on film or video. Dsc00249Happy Holidays to you too Bruce & your buddy Snickers!

Snickers doesn’t want to get out of bed.  I don’t blame him; I hate Monday too. :)  But cheer up Snickers, it is only 7 days until Halloween!
78988885_a65ba09813Too funny Bruce!