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Has spring sprung yet?

Bella & Courtney look like they are waiting for something…the mailman perhaps?Beautiful dogs & beautiful flowers, Leslie!

Sheltie in the flowers…

Ende and Real’y enjoying spring in Texas.Dscf0113Amy, I can’t imagine those flowers taste good?!

Spring is coming…get out & have fun with your Sheltie.

MaggieOur friend Patrick sent us a heartfelt reminder that as good Sheltie parents, we owe it to our furry children to take good care of them.

“Our first Sheltie Mandy died at age 12 from being overweight.  I learned a terrible lesson from this tragic loss and want all Sheltie owners to know how important it is to keep your Sheltie fit.  They are natural herders and want to get to the outdoors as often as possible.  Please take time to take care of your own health and the health of your Sheltie…get out to the park and have a good run at least 4 times a week…daily is even better.”

Thanks to Patrick & Maggie Girl for the caring reminder & lovely spring photo.  :)

Sheltie Springs

Oliver can get some serious hang time…165245781_f2cb412eba_1& coming in for a landing…165245973_11858a0b0fAll this flying fur has been provided by Swandive :)