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Sheltie Sprinkler Sparkler Barker!

Say that three times real fast!

What a neat photo of Abby, Beth!

Not Such a Hot Idea?

Aslan says: “Well, maybe not for YOU, mom, but I thought the sprinkler was great fun!”

The blade of grass is a nice touch don’t you think, Sarah?

Die Sprinkler! Die!

Casey loves to try to catch the water as it comes out of the sprinkler. He runs by at full speed, reaching out to grab a bite as he flies by.
CaseysprinklerLOL…looks like an angry Sheltie, Pat!

Oooooh I luvs the sprinkler!!! Do it again!!!

Finnegan is a happy, happy man!
Sprinkler2LOL, Leslie!

Sheltie vs. sprinkler

um…the sprinkler won, but it doesn’t look like Bentley minds!SprinklerThanks to Mike!