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Bart could count them all day.

So much for the walk Elizabeth?  :)

Squirrel Head!

It is Halloween week here at Sheltie Nation and boy do we have a great photo to start us off!SquirrelheadRiley apparently enjoys chasing squirrels more than being one.

Thanks to Tara and Joe…and Riley!

Alert Sheltie? Must be on squirrel patrol!

This is Lucy in her favorite spot, no doubt hoping mom will open the door!
Lucy3Love those fuzzy ears Laurie!  ;)

No fair! There is no squirrel in here!

Chase is playing in a pile of leaves.  I told him there was a squirrel in there and he jumped right in!!!
Chase4He looks mildly miffed, Stephanie! :-)

Mighty “Squirrel” Hunter

In Sheltie style, we pay respects to the memory of the conservationist Steve “Crocodile Hunter” Irwin.  Many people respected & admired his love of all animals.  He will be sorely missed.
Molly says: “Crikey…let me at that huge squirrel!”

G’Day to Mark & Molly