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My pillow is a Sheltie

Georgia found the best pillow…Lady!
LadygeorgiaWelcome to Sheltie Nation, Ashley!

Sheltie Sundial

I’ve always noticed both my Shelties love the sun. But Koji who seems to love the sun so much, he follows it.
Sun3 They are smart Cheryl!

SPF level…Sheltie

Ripley reminds us that when at the beach, to be sure to protect ourselves from the sun.RipleybeachLooks like he is having fun, Maritza!

Florida tourism bureau photo…

Sasha says “Come to Florida!”FloridaOla, Gail!

Sheltie Sunny Spot…

OK, whose Sheltie DOESN’T seek out the sunny spot to take a nap?  It almost seems Shelties are part cat?!
250660454_f0d6958c56Sheltie dreams to LWY