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Have you kissed a Sheltie today?

NJ Sheltie Rescue is trying out a new kissing booth at the events we have coming up this year to raise money. Autumn and Sundae tried it out, but Autumn wasn’t that into giving him a kiss… Maybe he needs a breath mint???

Love this photo Lisa!  I hope you raise a whole bunch for rescue!

Check out the new business “Sheltie Snow Angels”

Sundae prefers the more manly shovel to build up his agility muscles.

Autumn has the better idea.

LOL Lisa!  ;)

8 sets of eyes…

So Sheltie Nation, do your summer cookouts look something like this?

Hope your guests like Shelties! Hotdog1
Joe and the pups: Tobie, Ryker, Autumn, Joey, Sly, Sundae, Huggie & Bonnie.

Thanks to Lisa for this great shot!