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Why do I hear the Jaws theme music?


Tjure swimming is a rare sight for all of us, Silke!

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

Sister Sue and Little Miss swim into shore.

Sister loves and water but Little Miss does not like to be left behind!

Whatever inspires you, right, Ginny?

Synchronized Lifeguard duty!

Indy & Bacca have 180 degree coverage & are ready to sound the alarm!

Sheltie intelligence at work, right Barb! ;)

Pool Boy Sheltie?

LoboRobert, thanks for sharing this uber cute photo of your Sheltie Angel, Lobo

Chincoteague Sheltie Swim?

This photo makes me think of the ponies on Chincoteague Island, NC swimming for shore.  Wonder if there will be a puppy raffle?  :)Watersheltiesswimming(From left to right) Jennie (7), Bonnie (12), and
Kaelie (4)

…Oh look!  There will be a puppy raffle! ;)And bringing up the rear…4 month old Laddie

Funny, Walt!