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Can We Dim the House Lights for a Minute?

Teddy’s photo would make an awesome holiday card, don’t you think?
Beautiful photo, Mel!

Office guard

Teddy was the runt of the litter and at 13.3 lbs is literally half this size of his sister, but a more lovable companion you’ll never find.  Here he is in his “Hey, any treats on that desk” look while guarding my office at work.
Teddy2With a face like that, how on earth do you get any work done Bill?!

Guilt by Sheltie

 “Do you have to go to work, Mom?”TeddyBobbie, hugs to you for adopting Teddy!

Bears are snuggly…

but I’d rather snuggle with you mom!Very cute, Pat & Lisa!

My teddy!

Auggie pours on the Sheltie cute!AuggiewithteddiebearpilOh my gosh…those eyes, Toni!