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Oh how do I love thee?

Her human & a tennis ball….Ginger couldn’t be happier!GingerballWe all know that look Robin!


Technical difficulties won’t stop a Sheltie!

This is Kane and he is a ball addict. On one of his outings the ball took a funny bounce and got wedged between two trees but that didn’t stop him!
KaneLOL, Deb!

Share my obsession!

Bacca says: “Come play with me!”
BaccaFun picture Barbara!

Shelties not only can fetch, but throw too!

Well…sorta.Rasa is a cutie, Suzanne!

Happy little soul…

but I’m trying to figure out how he is hanging on to that tennis ball?  :)BallSam looks like he has already mastered retrieving Dawn!  :)