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Pull! [Tennis ball shoots thru air]

Can you tell Beckett is going to be an agility star?

At 20 months old he has already started competing in agility.   He got two qualifying scores from the three runs he was entered in!  Surprised?  Not! :))

A hard workin’ boy Helen & Lisa!

Oh how do I love thee?

Her human & a tennis ball….Ginger couldn’t be happier!GingerballWe all know that look Robin!


Technical difficulties won’t stop a Sheltie!

This is Kane and he is a ball addict. On one of his outings the ball took a funny bounce and got wedged between two trees but that didn’t stop him!
KaneLOL, Deb!

Share my obsession!

Bacca says: “Come play with me!”
BaccaFun picture Barbara!

Shelties not only can fetch, but throw too!

Well…sorta.Rasa is a cutie, Suzanne!