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We Need to Talk

Naiche & Naruto both brothers,watching me while I zip my suitcase for Holiday travel.

Broke my heart!!

It’s breaking ours too, DK!

You’re my best friend

I’m certain Zoey would follow you to the ends of the earth, Susan!

Same look, different species

If they’re not leaving toys scattered everywhere, they’re putting cheerios in the VCR.  (OK, maybe only the human does that…Damian probably eats what Landon drops!)  I wonder what mischievous adventure those two ruffians are up to now?

Oh boy, double trouble,  Tiffany!

Let’s look up the definition of ‘puppy dog eyes’

Any questions?  :))

Nope Helen, I couldn’t resist Tucker’s sweet face either!

What do you expect when you get up?

“You’re not seriously thinking you might want this chair back, are you?”

Works every time doesn’t it dawn? ;)