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Serious puppydog eyes!

“So-called ‘puppydog eyes’ don’t exist!” you say?

We then present Faolan – irresistible proof!

Thanks to Lauren!

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: What’choo lookin’ at?

Cooper already has some real “tude” going on here!

You got your hands full Becky?  ;)

Those pleading eyes

Chance says: ” I know you need to work for a living, but are you done working on that laptop yet?”

Hugs to you Gloria for adopting him.

(I just don’t understand how anyone could abandon a face like that!)

The Sheltie lean

Phoenix combines soft eyes, a touch of head tilt plus “the lean”.

Time to snuggle!

Hawk, we don’t stand a chance!

Oh how do I love thee?

Her human & a tennis ball….Ginger couldn’t be happier!GingerballWe all know that look Robin!