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First Date

Hair combed? Check.
Tie? Check.
Flowers? Check.
Candy? Check.


Yep, Toby’s ready.

Very cute, Sharon!

Too Much Par-tay Last Night?

Looks like Toby stayed up too late at that new year’s eve party!


;) Sharon

Yay for Christmas!

Judging by Toby’s happy smile from last year, this Christmas should be fun!


There Are Three Certainties in Life

Cute, Cuter and Cutest!

my3dogsOK, all my kids are the cutest. :))

(L to R: Teddy, Tyler and Toby.)

The Cutest Nightmare You’ll Ever Have!

Toby says: “I scary too with my spooky eyes!”

HappyHalloweentobyGreat decorations, Sharon!