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I’m Not Tired Yet

Will loves to herd anything that moves. This photo was taken after he had run the fence line herding the traffic for about 30 minutes. 

Mission accomplished – exercise for the day!

Tired BUT happy, Constance!

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: I really hope you’re sitting down

*swoon…thud*  Well, I warned you!  ;)

Ellie is impossibly cute Kelsey and Levi!

Air Pbbbbffft!

Diego puts a little ‘English’ in his playtime!

Caught mid-air and sent to us by Mark & Cheryl

Let the fur fly!

Shiraz’s beautiful flowing coat & silly tongue make for the perfect Sheltie combo!

Shirazrun The perfect mix of beauty & humor, right Debra?  :)

Kids show no respect these days!

Uh oh, looks like Brian is going to have his hands full with little Max!