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Mildly Perturbed Sheltie

It was 103 degrees in Ojai, California this past week.

Connor’s mom thought it was a great time for a bath.

I think Connor would disagree.


They never think it is a good time, Jackie. ;)

Bathing Beauty!

Samantha just had a bath!

Squeee! Lucky you, Robin!

It’s a wet job, but a Sheltie’s gotta do it!

We had a pretty bad thunder storm in Tampa Bay this morning but Shea was determined to go to the bathroom no matter what it took.  When we got back in she was soaked but enjoyed having mom dry her off.  I can’t help but smile when I see that cute look on her face!!

We can’t help but smile too Jenni!

Mischief Maggie!

Good name, no?  ;)

Terri tells us that Maggie & Nollie the kitty play like this a lot! :)

Puppy lesson #243: You get a bath when you discover ant hills!

Doesn’t Declan look a little like a Sheik?Declan2 Like a little naughty Sheik Leslie!