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Camping is for labs…

Sheltie Camping
1. On the way there, it looks like Indie was eager to do some fishing!

2. During the trip, Indie looked like a poor hobo Sheltie in the rain.

3. Finally, Indie is last item to be placed in the car to go home.

LOL…Looks like fun Gail?

Take me with you!!!

Karen writes to us: Attached is a photo of my little rescue Sheltie, Wilson.  Recently I packed to go away for the weekend & it was going to be my one where I didn’t take Wilson with me.  I packed everything neatly in my suitcase and was about to close up when I turned around and saw Wilson sitting on top of my suitcase.  He was so precious I had to take a picture.WilsonWilson looks very grateful for you adopting him, Karen!

Sheltie is my copilot

Shelties are good traveling buddies; easily transportable & happy to be going on your epic adventure or just to the corner store.
204073584_6a9d031cb7Thx, Jaimee