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This game is easy!

Spanky at 11 weeks old already knows how to “shake” for a treat.
SpankyWhat a little Einstein Ellen!


Poor Aurora’s treat fell just outside of the x-pen and she really tried to reach it!

Awe Lisa, you helped her get it, right!

I can get a treat whenever I want!

With a puppy face like that, Shelbie knows she will always get a treat!

Sheltie puppy sits for treat

At least she sat Amanda!  ;)

Sheltie + Peanutbutter = private bliss (please)

Cassie is a lucky girl. Her human mom gives her the almost empty peanut butter jar.Sheltie eating peanut butter

Uh, Mom, would you please let me eat my treat in private.

Sheltie hiding in corner
LOL…too funny, Robin!

May I?

What a good girl Robin is…waiting for permission to have that tasty carrot.  :)CarrotHope you gave her 2 for being so good, Rae!