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Can I have a Puppy Meal?

Trixie says: “and super size the fries please.”

mcdonaldFor here or to go, Shirlee? ;)

This Hotel Only Got Three Stars in the Michelin Guide?

Who cares about the mints on the pillow. I want one of these on my pillow every night.

There should be a 4 Star level!

Shetland Sheepdog using pillow

Awe Carrie, Trixie looks so sweet.

Who’s the Boss?

Miss Trixie would not allow me to leave the house without her this morning as there was a storm in the area.

I adopted her from Kansas City Sheltie Rescue almost 2 years ago.

She can boss you around any time right, Shirlee?

The Awkward Party Photo

Sweet Pea, Ruby, Trixie and Grace are adoptees from Sheltie Shack Rescue in Blue Rapids, KS.

They are preparing for the annual all girls birthday bash!

Hugs to you Tina for giving so many sweet Shelties a loving home!

Cuteness in the Sun

 Trixie is a pretty girl, Leigh!