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Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: Tub Time!

Sweet Pea has no problem with an EMPTY tub. ;)

So cute, Tracey!


3 Shelties in a tub!

Rookie, Baron & Spring goofing around on Baron’s 4th Birthday!

Come on in, the water’s fine!

From left to right, Ginny, Sadie and Toby were all waiting patiently for their muddy feet to be rinsed off after their walk.
Oh I see Melissa, they look happy because there is no water yet!:))

Scrub a dub dub, no Sheltie in the tub!

Princess and Shante “help” the entire time their daddy is in the whirlpool tub.  It’s a nightly routine and they get very upset if he skips a night.  They both came to our home as fosters that needed to be treated for Heartworm.  After the treatment, we just couldn’t let them leave.
Bathhelp I can see why you couldn’t give them up Brenda!  Big hugs for fostering & then adopting!

No, this is not your crate!

Fido has his own unique personal space.  :)What a face, Florence!