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Dashing Through the Snow

Teagan & Tully are enjoying this Wisconsin winter!


Thanks to Annie!

Growing Up Is Cute

Not much as changed since we last saw Tully.


OMG, Annie. He has only gotten cuter!


Black button nose and eyes. Oh my!

9 weeks is a dangerous time, people!

Tri-color Sheltie puppy

Tully’s mom, Annie says: “He’s lucky he’s so cute, because he loves finding new ways to get into trouble!”

Awe, Annie. Never really any trouble, right? :)

Fuzzy butts!

We all know how good Shelties look from the front, but they are almost as cute…if not cuter from the back!  Deska and Tully show off!
Puppy buttsTee hee hee, Caroline!  :)