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The Best Man

 I had to include my #1 man, Conan, in my wedding.

(Now, I guess he’s technically #2?)

Congrats to you both, Lauren & Mark!

Photographer: Ashley Lester

That Sheltie will laugh at ANYTHING

Tux, I know you think you’re a brilliant joke-teller and all, but that Sheltie, Mocha, she’ll laugh at anything.

Tee hee, Christine! :))

But I’m already wearing a tux?

We recently got married, and Oreo loved to wear his tux at our wedding reception!
OreoCongrats to Lisa & Gerry!

Is this stuff ever going to turn green again?

Tux & Abby are wondering when this stuff is going to be less crunchy.Welcome to Sheltie Nation, Josh!  Have fun with your Shelties in agility!