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I Want My SheltieTV

Shaggy says: “this would be perfect if it had smell-o-vision too!”

Dog watching TV


Reality TV at Sheltie Nation Headquarters

Toby says: “MUST you watch TV? I am way more interesting.

Squatters rights!

Be careful when you get up from watching TV to get a snack.  You never know who might steal your remote.LOL, Daneala!

It is NOT TV time!

Shelties will stare you down & make you do their bidding.

Cash3Time to get up & take Cash out for some fun, Mikey!

Hey, my Shelties do this too!

Anybody else’s Shelties watch TV too?   Looks like this Sheltie likes to watch World Cup Soccer.  Gee, who would have thought, a Sheltie that likes to watch a moving object.  ;)