6a00d8341c859453ef0120a56a431d970c-320wi One of the advantages of having a “geeky” husband is occasionally you will realize that the technology is sometimes useful or fun for you too!

When we got Tyler, my husband put up a webcam for us to keep an eye on him while we were at work. I normally would leave this camera on my computer desktop most of the day.  Mostly it was pretty dull, but cute…with Tyler sleeping, teething & playing.

I noticed one afternoon that Tyler seemed to be staring at something for quite a while.  Then the bars on his pen began to move.  I panned the camera over a bit and saw a cute little white paw trying to open the pen door.  It was Toby!  I quickly got a screen shot before he gave up.  (After that we made EXTRA sure the pen was secure!)

I guess he wanted his new little brother to come out and play.  Shelties are too funny.