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Important News from Sheltie Nation Headquarters!

Do not, I repeat, do NOT feed Shelties after midnight.

This seems to make them multiply. ;)

We are still working on a name, but will keep you all posted! :)

Workin’ Overtime at Sheltie Nation HQ

Tyler says: “I like to dream that mommy is putting my picture up on Sheltie Nation again.”

Mommy loves to make you happy little man!

Sheltie Photobomb

Tyler says: “but I’m the cute one!”


After waiting patiently for grandma not ONCE, but TWICE, Tyler finally gets  his own iPad time.

He LOVES Pocket Frogs! (And thank god for screen protectors!)

iPerturbed: New Strategy?

Poor Tyler.  He has stepped up his game since last time.

Instead of putting his head on grandma, now he has resorted to putting his head ON the ipad.

Doesn’t seem to make much difference does it little buddy?