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Smiles are Contagious!

Happy is a Norcalsheltierescue success story.

Four years ago, she would have been far too uptight to go upside down, never mind the goofy grin!

She is nine lovely years old now and people still ask if she is a puppy.


Hugs to you for adopting, Janea!


Noa and Cooper you have a rough life!


;) Denise

Cute No Matter Which Side is Up!

Bella Rose says: “turn that frown upside down!”

bellaupside:)  Janet

Holy Upside Down Belly Butt-Fuzz!

Mandir looks pretty comfy!


No room for you, Susie. :)

It’s Nice to Know Some Things Never Change

The sun rises and sets. The tide comes in and out…and Georgie sleeps upside down.

As a puppy.


Georgie at 2.


:0) Margaret & Shuhei