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Relaxed to the Max!

Charlie says: “What, this isn’t just MY giant Sheltie bed?”
Well he IS on vacation right, Lia?  ;)

More Maine vacations!

Little Myla enjoyed the sights on the Maine Shore…
Mylasportrait then decided that Human Nicole should spend the night in the crate.

Mylacrate Smart dog Marjorie! :)

Everyday is a great day when you’re on vacation!

Gunner the rescue Sheltie enjoys his 1st vacation at Lake Champlain in Vermont.
Gunner Thanks to Julianne!

Wish you were here!

Annie is having a blast on her vacaiton!Sheltie on vacationLOL Rachel!

Lets all move to Sheltie Lane!

Jack is showing everyone what he found while on vacation just outside of St. Onge, SD.LOVE it, Angela!