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If You Could Open One Gift Before Christmas?

I know it would be this one!

Sheltie present

Victoria is such a good girl, Lisa!

Meanwhile, at the Slumber Party…

Victoria had her BFF, SuBear, over for a scary movie (Cujo) and some yummy snacks!

Shelties on bed with popcorn

Girls just wanna have fun, Lisa!

Soft Kitty Song: The Soft Sheltie Version

Sing it with me now…

Soft Sheltie, Warm Sheltie, Little Ball of Fur,
Happy Sheltie, Sleepy Sheltie, Grr Grr Grr

Sheltie puppy cuddles with mom

 (Victoria as a wee little puppy.)

Good one, Lisa!

Sheltie Doppelgänger, Take Two!

Remember cutie-pie Logan and his Doppelgänger?

Well, Victoria meets her maxi-me, Roxy!

Sheltie doppelganger

Double the cuteness, Lisa!

I’ve Been Good Santa!

Victoria tries her hardest to melt Santa’s heart. I think she’s going to get everything on her list!

For sure, Lisa!