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More S.N. Gardening Tips!

“What kind of puppeh is right for my garden?”

“Well, a Sheltie is always a lovely choice.”


Dutchess looks like such a sweetie, Darryl!

The Best Thing About A Leaf Pile?


taylorfallOwners – Syndi & Brad Johnson
Photographer & Grammy – Sheila

Won’t you take me for a ride?

Shelby was a rescue a few years back but we believe that she rescued us, not the other way around.
We were out doing some yard work recently and she decided to go for a ride.
Aren’t rescue Shelties wonderful Tari?

Momma’s garden helpers

Meg and Callie enjoy helping their mom with the gardening.
Awe Debbie, so sweet!

Those Sheltie New Year’s resolutions…

For those of you who want to get out & exercise without leaving your faithful Sheltie behind, here is a great idea from Sheltie Nation members Philip & Leanne.

2 1/2 year old Scotia loves her dogie “trailer”.  There is a roll-down top on this trailer, but we’ve given up using it – even in the windiest, rainiest weather , Scotia shovels it aside with her nose. She prefers the wind in her fur and being able to see and smell where she’s going.That is one Sheltie who REALLY has a tough life!  :)