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Look Deeply into My Eyes…

and throw that toy!


Bet you can’t say no to Wilson, Alex!

A “thankful” Sheltie Thanksgiving…

Max (4 years old) and Wilson (12 years old) are thankful to have been rescued and given a new home.  They have both been with Sheltie Nation  member Karen for a year now.

Karen says: “I’m thankful to have such precious puppies in my life.  I count my blessings every day!”We love happy rescue stories, Karen!

Take me with you!!!

Karen writes to us: Attached is a photo of my little rescue Sheltie, Wilson.  Recently I packed to go away for the weekend & it was going to be my one where I didn’t take Wilson with me.  I packed everything neatly in my suitcase and was about to close up when I turned around and saw Wilson sitting on top of my suitcase.  He was so precious I had to take a picture.WilsonWilson looks very grateful for you adopting him, Karen!

Hip Hop Sheltie

Oh Sheltie Nation members, you are all SO on the ball with the Easter holiday that we are starting early!

What a recovery from St. Patrick’s day “crickets” we were hearing! :)  Stay tuned…more Sheltie Easter fun to come!


Karen adopted Max and Wilson this year from a new Sheltie rescue group in Georgia, Peach State Sheltie Rescue.  GO KAREN!