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Oceans of Fun!

Benji enjoyed a trip to Southern California where he met his “aunt and uncle” Emily and Frankie! The 3 created quite a crowd at the Santa Monica Pier!


Looks like a windy but fun day, Lisha!

Forecast Calls for Sun And Wind

It’s just a wild guess.


(L to R: Misty, Jazz, Maysie-Mae, Molly, Halo and Midnight.)

Quite a crew, Steve and Di!

Forecast Calls For 100% Chance Of Wind

Simba says “gee, you think?”


Love those fuzzy ears, Priya!

Diva Shelties

Cricket and Bonnie are real head-turners!

Shetland Sheepdogs on a bench on windy day.

I WISH my hair highlights could turn out like that, Kathy-Jo!  ;)

Windy Sheltie!

Why do Shelties look so extra funny & cute when it is windy out?  LOL
ChaseyChase is a real cutie Stephanie & Dan!