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Vintage Sheltie

‘Rosy Cheeks’ for the name of a wine? How passé.

‘Sparkling Sheltie’ has a MUCH better ring to it, don’t you think?

I think Everett needs to be on the label, Stephen.  :)

Sweet Cheeks Winery looks like a beautiful place to visit!

“Hmmm…full bodied, yet with a hint of apple.”

Niya has a sophisticated nose, Chris!

(Niya did not drink any wine..just sniffing, folks!)

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: Chateau Le Sheltie Puppy ~ Vintage 2011

Always refreshing during the dog days of summer. (The puppies in the photo are 12 days old and currently are not named.  The sable is a boy and the tri is a girl.)

Oh I’m sure we can all come up with some creative names, Sheila & Janet!  ;)