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The Eternal Struggle of Dog vs. Cupcake

Bailey has epilepsy and on June 14th to celebrate 2 years of no grand mal seizures, I baked gluten-free no-sugar-added low-fat “pupcakes” for the both of them.  They waited nicely while I messed with the camera, though by the 3rd photo Bailey looked like he might pass out from anticipation. 

OMG Kim, Zoey looks like she is going to pop!

Sleepy AND Snuggly Saturday

Zoey and Bentley are just resting their eyes.  ;)

Awe, Susan!

Murphy Drew the Short Straw!

Zoey and Bentley say: “bet you can’t guess who was naughty this year?”
Nah they were all good, right Susan? ;))

3 Amigos!

Zoey, Murphy (Northern Chesapeake Sheltie Alumni) and Bentley (Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue Alumni).

I have no idea how I got them to sit quietly for the camera because most of the time they’re play fighting! 
Must be cookies, Susan?

I especially like how one has the tongue out, the other the head tilt and the third the stink-eye!

You’re my best friend

I’m certain Zoey would follow you to the ends of the earth, Susan!