Shelties are great for pointing out anything that is out of the ordinary on your floor.  Drop something – they stare.  See an insect – they stare.  Dust bunny rolling by – they stare.  (The list goes on & on.)  I’ve witnessed my Shelties watch a bug march right across the floor in front of them.  Of couse then then the dogs look at me like, so, aren’t you gonna get that?
LookdownTanja, I think Askan, Sunny & Peggy think there is definitely something  down there!  :)

One Response to “Shelties: The “something’s on your floor” alert system.”

  1. Luciana, Dallas & Logan

    Logan would probably eat it. Dallas starts poking with his paws to see what it is, and follows it around the house if it’s a bug. And it’s just like you said, when he sees something, he alerts me that is something weird on the floor which is good, since I hate bugs.


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