Sheltie Nation member Nicole shares this funny photo & story with us: Moving can be very stressful for a dog, so make sure that he/she always knows where to go to feel safe.  Coda didn’t know where we had put her crate so she decided to hunker down amongst these boxes and wait for us to show her where we’d put her things.

4 Responses to “And, where do I go?”

  1. Nicole

    hehe :) no problem – even though I have a girl puppy – I always think of dogs as boys by default and cats as girls – not sure why :)
    Now I have a boy and a girl and I keep calling my boy princess – force of habit!

  2. Nicole

    Little “girl” and we did have her crate accessible – she just didn’t seem to know where to look – also – she wanted to be near mom and dad ;) hehe

  3. Andi

    Packing the pup’s things last and unpacking them first is the usual recommendation to people moving where I work. What a heartbreaker this little guy is!


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