After reading the Sheltie Nation post, “Does your Sheltie have bad breath?”, Duncan the rescue Sheltie wanted to show us an example of why it is so important to provide regular dental care for your Sheltie.

“If you remember, Duncan is a Puppy Mill   Rescue.  He had never been provided any dental care.  I don’t have any “before” pictures, but suffice it to say that his teeth were almost as bad as the worst of the pictures in your post.  When he finally went in for a teeth cleaning, the Vet had no choice but to extract eighteen teeth because they were so bad!  That’s right, 18!  These pictures show his now nearly empty mouth.  Please Sheltie Moms and Dads!  Take your Sheltie in for regular dental care!”

“On a side note, Duncan is doing very well without the majority of his teeth.  He is actually back to eating hard food again, which I didn’t expect him to do!  Just another one of the ways that Duncan continues to impress me with how he overcomes!”

He still has a great smile Tatha!  :)

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