Bob sent us this cute photo, but it is even cuter when you know the story behind it.

“This picture is of Shadow being being Cocoa’s protector. In this picture, Cocoa is 16 and blind. Shadow would lead her outside and back in and they would sleep together.”  (Cocoa is now a Dauchund Angel.)
ShadowVery, very sweet Bob!

5 Responses to “Sheltie is my protector”

  1. Shaun

    What a sweet picture! I love great stories of how one dog is the eyes and ears for another!

  2. Laura

    This is a beautiful relationship between two. I wonder how Shadow is doing since Cocoa’s passing. I hope she is doing well!

  3. courtcutie

    oh, sure. Thanks a lot. because that’s all I needed: another reason to love Shelties!


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