“Keegan was running around in my friends’ backyard and was having fun, and I kept making him stop to pose for photographs.  I guess he finally got tired of and stuck his tongue out at me!”

I’d say so, Leslie!

6 Responses to “A Shelties sense of humor”

  1. marenlewallen

    That looks so funny with its tongue sticking out like that!!!!!! He is so CUTE!!!

  2. Jorge

    I’m actually in Pittsburgh right now but only until Tuesday. This weekend (July 18-20), we’ll be in Orlando. After that it’s a date!

  3. Leslie Campbell

    Jorge: We need to..Keegan has gained so much weight b/c his parents have been so freakin’ busy and mere walks are just not cutting it. He needs a lot more running.
    Jacynthe: thanks!
    Maritza: That’s Keegan’s summer cut, b/c apparently I wasn’t brushing him correctly. He was matted deep down, and they couldn’t get it out. It was traumatic for me. But I now have the correct brush!
    Jorge and Maritza: Doggie play date soon? I’ll be out of town next weekend, but after that I’m available.

  4. Jorge

    Keegan! Luna wants to know if you’re going to the doggie park any time soon! It’s really warm though so she gets tired in a hurry!

  5. Maritza

    Awww Keegan! Ripley is around on this site in a few places also as a puppy. Gotta love those adorable sheltie pictures!


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