7 Responses to “Look up in the sky! It’s a bird…”

  1. rhonda hurwitz

    My shelties antics are well known in my neighborhood… Trixie barks at any airplane flying overhead, and she runs full speed…can’t figure out if she trying to catch it, or chase it away?

  2. Jen

    My shelties love planes, birds, butterflies and any object that they can see but cannot reach. And they can hear the planes before I can see them! Love the shelties! Love the photo.

  3. Mark

    Our Buddy has the self-appointed job of keeping the airplanes and helicopters out of our airspace. When you live only a few miles from a naval air station, that means lots of time looking up in the air, running and barking to make sure those flying things obey. I keep waiting for him to run into a tree. Five years now and he hasn’t hit a tree yet but he has come close.

  4. Stephanie

    LOL, Chase did chase a bee once and got stung on the nose!! He learned his lesson and never goes after them anymore. He loves geese, in this picture we were on the golf course, he chases all the geese away. He decided to lay down bc he was pooped and started watching the airplanes. Chase loves to chase shadows too! OMG Chase was chasing my fishing pole as I casted and fell into the lake! One thing is once the get fixated on one certain thing there is no distracting them! Shelties are the BEST!!! Thanks for your comments :-)

  5. kelela

    Oh yeah. One of mine does. I hate it when he starts chasing bees. Can’t imagine he’ll be happy when he catches one. He was watching a hawk, as a hawk was watching him, and I said, “Koji, you may be dinner”. Gotta love them. Awesome picture.

  6. Daidra

    LOL, Gwendy! :D
    One time when Luke was a little puppy, he was standing in our front yard with my kids and their friends on the driveway and he saw a couple of geese flying and he started barking at them while chasing them even though he couldn’t get them. It was so cute to watch.

  7. Gwendy

    My sheltie has been known to run into things (like the pool) while running and watching airplanes!


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