BeautagsBeau lives with 2 kittens who somehow have the knack of getting him covered in post-it-flags from books that I am reading. They not only have to get the book off of a high shelf, but then somehow decorate Beau. The first time they had time covered from head to tail with 5 different colors!

Poor Beau, he doesn’t stand a chance with a tag team of kittens in the house, Grace!

3 Responses to “Shelties are kitten mischief targets”

  1. kelela

    ohmigod. I’m still trying to figure out how the flags get all over him. too funny. I agree, my cat used to be Miko’s partner in crime. Kiara would knock things off counters (like my DMV registration) and Miko would shred it. Augh! Gotta love them all though.

  2. Gwendy

    I’ve watched our cat get our sheltie’s attention and then very slowly and deliberately
    roll a pen or pencil off the table so it lands right in front of the dog. Then he sits back and smugly watches the dog start chewing it, knowing full well that the dog will be in trouble for doing so! Naughty kitties!


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