Portable fuzzy bed rail fit any size bed.  A safer and easier alternative to children’s traditional bed rails.   ;)

Spot loves to have sleepovers with 1 year old Dina.  His only problem is that she rolls around all night long and he must keep relocating to keep her from falling off the bed!

Spot is awesome Paula!

10 Responses to “The BEST baby bed bumper!”

  1. Judy

    Susan L, you made me smile when you talked about the “sheltie scoot”. One of my sweet boys was able to scoot his fuzzy butt under the covers and lay his head on a pillow. He looked like a little fuzzy person sleeping so
    comfortably. I still miss that. Spot is such a cute little protector.

  2. Susan L

    Spot must use the patented Sheltie Scoot, a move where they push themselves quickly into perfect snuggle or in this case, protect, position without getting up or even it seems waking up. My Cait has the Sheltie Scoot perfected even to the point of falling off the bed when I slide over to get up during the night (except now I’ve learned to put out my hand to keep her on the bed when I get up.)

  3. Diane

    I go get my baby out of the crate in the morning and he runs for my bed, dives under the cover and then we sleep for a good hour, his little nose next to mine, but the minute I move he is up

  4. Maida Farrar

    What a really sweet picture! Don’t they both look so comfy and happy? I love it when my Shelties roll over on their backs and are so relaxed. Just so trusting.


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