13 Responses to “And now, a grumpy Sheltie”

  1. Lum (Shadow's mom)

    That look gives Shadow a run for his money. I bet Tanner and Shadow would have fun commiserating about all the disgusting things about baths and water. :-)

  2. Gloria

    Poor Tanner….
    I am sure he will feel better once he has dried and every tells him how beautiful he is… then you will see that famous sheltie smile!

  3. Barb Miller

    Yep …that’s the “look what you’ve done to me” insulted Sheltie look after a good bath! I bet he loves to shake that wet fur all over you! Mine do …LOL!

  4. Julie (aka MaggieMae)

    Oh, poor unhappy guy!! Everything about him is sad!! Our dogs look like that, too!

  5. Vegas Scott

    He’s also probably champing at the bit to run around at break-neck speed rubbing himself in the grass. He might knock over those flowerpots in the process.

  6. Judy

    OMG i think we all recognize that look. Tanner is so expressive. He might be pouting now but he sure is beautiful! I think he needs a cookie :)

  7. Bobbie

    I’ve always said, no dog can look more woebegone and make you feel more guilty than a sheltie ;)

  8. In Memory of TenBear (Sheltie)


    When I bathed my boy, I referred to his facial expression as his Pathetic Martyr Face. :-)

    (He braverly endured the suffering of a bath,without fussing, just to make dad happy.)

  9. Sullivan

    Not only is that a pout, but also one of the best cases of Stink Eye I’ve seen in awhile. I suggest lots of hugs and kisses and a cookie or two thrown in for good measure probably wouldn’t hurt!


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