We just went through Hurricane Issac.  It stayed over us for 3 days. Will is so scared of bad weather and he wont go in the house. At one point when the eye was over us, Will finally went to the back door and looked at me as if to say: “I cant hold it anymore Mom!”  So we went out, and on the ramp a huge gust of wind came and lifted him off his back feet!  You can see his backside blowing up.

Sheltie in wind

Poor baby, I finally coaxed him to grass and he took care of business and ran back to the door. 

Goodbye to Issac, and well done Will!

Sheltie in hurricane

Awe, what a brave boy, Constance!

15 Responses to “Well, Blow Me Buns!”

  1. Pat

    Matilda has the same fear. Our vet prescribes 1/2 of a xanax before the storm hits. Calms her down enough to stop the shaking. We live on the gulf coast too, thunderstorms can appear very quickly, so keep some on hand.

    Good luck, beauty of a sheltie you have.

  2. Elizabeth

    Will and our Millie share the same problem — No outside potty visits when there’s a storm. We live on the Gulf coast and were in Isaac’s path so we left town.

    We use a thunder shirt w/Millie; it helps some, but she’s still terrified of thunder storms and doesn’t even like to walk on wet grass. Wish we knew something to do to help her get over her fear.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Strangely enough, we’re not bothered by storms so I don’t think she’s picking up nervousness on our parts. I actually like ‘weather’ — As long as it stays under a Cat. 4!

  3. jo

    Aww poor Will. He’s scared to go out in a storm but knows he can’t go in the house. He finally goes outside, only to be blown around. All the while managing to look so handsome!

  4. Francine

    Great Job Will boy !! My Ellie-boy gives me the same look! Glad that you all weathered the storm! Gold star to you Will!

  5. Dianne

    AWW! Poor Will…but he braved it out! He has a beautiful coat, and with the wind it lifts it right up! I am so happy that you all made it through the storm..
    Kelly is terrified of thunder and fireworks and I have to sit and comfort her through it, but starting to get a little better..I hope you never have to go through that again !…LOL

  6. jAN hUNTER

    Will is gorgeous! He looks alot like our sheltie, Tory who is terrified of even a drop of rain. Storms make him shake.
    Thanks for sharingt Will with us and I hope he is storm free for a long while. He really is an exceptionally beautiful sheltie.

  7. Tina

    What a sweet, sweet sheltie. Will has such a beautiful coat and angel face!! Hopefully no storms will come around for a long time.

  8. Tonya

    Poor baby! My dog refuses to go out if it’s so much as drizzling. Doesn’t even like early mornings because of the dew! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood with her in the rain begging her to potty, because while she is totally house trained and never has accidents otherwise, a good storm is her idea of a perfect excuse for doing her business in the house!

  9. Vicky

    Even during crisis situations, shelties can somehow managet to look beautiful and regal. Such sweet little things. Glad y’all got through it.

  10. Sullivan

    Poor baby, how tramatic this must be for your Will. Such a brave, handsome little man he is. I’m sure glad to hear that you and yours made it throught Issac OK. Here’s hoping Will won’t have to suffer that again for a long time. Good job Will.

    • Kim

      Good job Will, so glad you are all ok.

      We were rescued from our home in the Northeast last year with our beloved sheltie, Buddy, he is not quite the same but getting a little better with each storm, very, very traumatic.


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