Elliott: “I feel so free-ee-ee!”

Sheltie on back in grass

Or is he working on his tan, Francine? ;)

8 Responses to “Grass Bliss”

  1. jAN hUNTER

    I know that Elliott is enjoying himself. He is so cute on his back. Our sheltie, Tory turns on his back whenever anyone is around. he wants a tummy rub.

  2. Dianne

    When you said ZOOM, I had a big chuckle as every day when our son pulls into the yard, Kelly circles till he gets out..then they play their game of ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ripping around the trees and yard….Elliot is loving his back rolls and a handsome dude! lol
    AHHH another AWWWW moment today!

  3. jo

    OK Elliott, now it’s time to jump up, shake the grass bits stuck to you off, and ZOOM around your big yard!

  4. Tina

    This photo of Elliott gave me the biggest smile this morning and the caption is great! Oh, to be a sheltie and feel so freeeee! What a great photo, Francine. Thanks for sharing it with us!!

  5. Cliff

    looks like Elliott is enjoying the sun and just being outside. out little girl, Miki, will often lay on her back but turns over when she catches us looking at her.

    thanks for sharing,

  6. Sullivan

    The Sheltie version of stop, drop and roll, or a self administered back massage! What a beautiful yard for Elliott to play in, looks to be plenty of room for all his zoomies. We can’t really see him, but that’s OK . . . we don’t have to to know that he is a fine looking young man. Happy wishes to both you and Elliott.


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