16 Responses to “Perfectly Curled”

  1. Chris

    What a handsome senior gentleman. They do sleep a lot more as they get older…and I am sure that he still loves to be touched. Give him a big hug and a cookie for being so beautiful!!

  2. Danny's mommy

    I have a Danny Boy too. Mine is 10-1/2 years old. He sends doggy kisses to your Danny Boy.

  3. Ann

    I just want to snuggle up with Danny Boy. He looks so content and warm and cuddly. How adorable!

  4. Judy

    Danny Boy is so sweet and so reminds my of my heart dog, Tyler. I was lucky enough to have him until he was 16. I hope you have many more years with your beautiful boy. He looks so peaceful and so well loved.

    • Rosewyn

      I so understand Judy, my Heart Dog was a 64 lb Tri-black Collie named Daniel Amos. He was a working sheep herder and when retired my constant companion. I was blessed indeed as you were. I now have the privlege of a 8 yr old prince of a Sheltie named Banchory. If I felt better about the stability of the USA I would be sister-hunting for him. :)

  5. Danielle

    Danny looks so comfy and peaceful. It’s not hard having a dog life with such a loving family by his side! Sweet dreams little boy….Maybe he is dreaming about Evie.

  6. Pat Monday

    I love sleeping shelties too. It’s the only time they aren’t barking at school busses, or chasing the broom or shovel, or just generally bossing their humans around. For some reason, I love all this.

    Danny Boy is beautiful, this picture is the epitome of cozy!

  7. Holly

    Love that peaceful look. Have a similar photo of our Lucy when she was about the same age in amongst newspaper and cans of paint. She didn’t care, she was with me, that was all she wanted. Lucy has since passed and waiting patiently for our new puppy to be born. One you have a sheltie you are hooked to that sweet face and disposition.

  8. Karen

    What a sweet boy. Love sleeping shelties, they always look so serene and so sweet. Keep dreaming those sheltie dreams, Danny Boy.

  9. Gloria

    Sweet. Sweet, Sweet!
    Danny Boy is one precious pup…
    Shelties are so angelic when they sleep.
    Many more years with your Danny Boy!

  10. Sullivan

    What a beauty this little senior is. I love his little paw beside he nose, he just looks so serene and peaceful. What a love Grace, I know you’ve had some wonderful years with your furbaby and several more to come. I’m sending lots of hugs and kisses to your Danny Boy.


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